How would i weld the parts after i destroy and clone them

the title says everything, lets say i want to weld 3 parts in the right arm and then i destroy them. and when i press e i clone them in the workspace again and they get welded.
do you have some ways that u could tell me how to do it, cause doing it and i used the instance weld constraint but when they are welded and after some second they destroy, and when i press e again to clone them again, they dont weld to the right arm.

if anyone could tell me how can i do it i would be thankful

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WeldConstraint has some weird behavior when you add them in a running game. I ended up using RigidConstraint instead because my build tool would place things crooked if you placed them on something moving.

so u think using rigid constraint everytime i clone the parts in the workspace would work?

You can use the Workspace.Descendants and Workspace.DescendantRemoved events to keep track of the parts in your workspace.
local parts = {}

if descendant:IsA(“BasePart”) then
parts[descendant] = true

if descendant:IsA(“BasePart”) then
parts[descendant] = nil

The parts table will contain every part in your workspace.