How would one typically handle a lot of coins in the world at once?

Say I want to have a large open world, with coins scattered all throughout it. What would be the best way to handle the collection of all of these coins, and their effects such as spinning?

Do people usually write their own chunk loading systems for coins? Or is there a more simple workaround for someone less familiar with more complex systems.

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You could try to implement your own level of detail type system based on their distance from the coin, a chunk based system could be a good idea if there are hundreds to thousands of coins but might not be necessary.

But for the level of detail type system you could render the coins on the client and then have 3 steps based on distance,
Phase 1) Show animation and render.
Phase 2) Don’t show animation but render.
Phase 3) Don’t show animation or render.

What I did for my game is I used Perlin noise, a pure function formula to generate the coins. I then used dot product detection and view distance to either destroy the coins on the client if the player was 500 studs away and not looking at the coin. Remember, math stuff such as getting 1000 magnitudes doesn’t slow down your game, it’s rendering the coins that does.

I made coin spinning But Laggy

I will fix it

Already Have Coin GUI Lol

You could also use billboard guis if your coins are massive (thousands of studs wide)