How would you get a body force to move you to an exact position?

I want a body force to move you to an exact postition that you set, ive never worked with body forces, and they seem useful for moving the characters!

what do you mean by this and also what are you trying to achieve?

Oh, im super sorry. After a cutscene, i want the bodyforce to move you to the back of the room. Lets say i want the body force to take me to position (-114.58, 0.5, -123.84), i would want it to force the character to move to that position.

walk them into the position? instead of teleporting them into the position?

I think you’d have more luck with Tweening or Pathfinding then using BodyForce if I’m being honest. This seems like it would take a lot of trial and error to get you to where you want it to. Also it depends on other stuff like NetworkOwnership and if it’s Client owned, depends on the client itself. Slow performance = BodyForce not good enough.