How would you go about balancing more than two teams?

Hey there.
Recently, I started the design of a game which features more than 2 teams. I am having a slightly hard time balancing for a couple of reasons.

First, all the teams are very different from each other.
Second, there are three, not two teams.
Third, I still want to keep the mechanics robust and unique to rach faction. I would like a logarithmic learning curve.

The next issue I have come across is the actual gameplay. I can only think of two game modes TDM and Capture the flag. The reason why is that there are only a handful of games that I know on Roblox that features more than one team. One is called SCP:rbreach.

So, that being said.

What advice would you give when designing a game with more than two teams? And, how do you balance your games? With testers? Or is there a special mathematical formula?

If you have examples of games that have more than two teams please let me know. Thanks for reading.

You havent mentioned what your game is about

Balancing teams, as in having an equal amount in each? I don’t get your question, just make sure all three have the same amount of players.

Well the reason why is because I was looking for general tips.

The game is based on a fictional world where three different universe collide and a war starts between them because of their different ideas and beliefs.

One side will have magic. So, elemental battle grounds style battle.

The next side will be a tps shooter controlling an army of bots. Like bot commander only modern

The final side will have technology. They will have mechs, tanks and be based in the future kinda. Not sure if there is a reference to a game here.

As you can see there are a lot of balancing issues.

Just a quick suggestion, aren’t the shooter bots and the technology people basically the same?

like earthy said 1 of the teams is practically the same as the technology side, rework the story so you can have 3 or just make it 2 teams.

When your making it have 3, just give them the same base attacks/skills but different variations of them

Well not at all actually. The bots are a bunch of Humanoid NPCs. I have decided that they will deal the most damage compared to the other factions. They are silent and have lethal weapons. They take no prisoners. They work together for conquest.

The mechs will be able to stick to walls and fly. They will also be equipped with a radar that can detect moving enemies. Some bots have the capability to teleport sorry distances. They are loud and slow due to the fact that the futuristic faction is inexperienced when it comes to combat. But, they have high hp.

The balancing question I have is:

How high should the HP be?
How much damage should they be able to do?
How loud are the mechs movement s should be?
How far should the radar reach?

These are the types of questions I would like to know.

I don’t expect you to answer all of them as there is a lot more. I’m just asking if there are any sources or tips that I could know?

So your looking for suggestions, eh?

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500 is pretty hard to beat. It’s a nice HP for commanders. I would say maybe 250 or 300 HP.

Try dis

  1. One of them should have high health low damage
  2. Second should have low health high damage
  3. One of them is balanced health balanced damage

So there r different variations for different types of players

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As @R41NB0W4C3 said, you should have the 3 teams split into classes. Making one team be a glass cannon, one team be a tank, and have one team more balanced would keep one team from dominating the others.

For the exact numbers that I would give:
Glass Cannon: 100 Health, Damage ranging from 50-75, Reach should be around 50-100 studs.
Tank: 300 Health, Damage ranging from 10-25, Reach should be around 25-50 studs.
Balanced: 175 Health, Damage ranging from 25-50, Reach should be around 40-90 studs.


If your game is a fighting game you will likely have levels or experience you could simply find the most equal teams based on this.

i suggest you watch this:

this explains balancing and stuff
your game is simular to tf2, so you can like uh, take some of the tips

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Equasion for team balancing:
Even teams = Even number of players / number of teams

Make sure that the number of players you’re using is even. You can check if the amount of players is even by using the Lua modulo operator like this:

local players = game.Players:GetPlayers()
local extraPlayers = #players%2 -- Make sure that the second operand(2) is one less than the
-- number of teams there are.

Then remove [the number of extra players] of indexes from that table and distribute them randomly to the teams at the end of the script.

Make sure the map is equal. You don’t want one team to have the advantage of spawning closer to the flag. Other unfair advantages include better or more cover, better angles, greater height, and more. Take into account, too, how different classes might use the map differently.