How would you make a smooth follow player camera?

I’ll assume that many of you haven’t seen this type of camera system in games before since it has just started being made recently. So far I’ve seen it made in games such as Combat Mayhem (by ObliviousBun) and Fall of Heroes (by serphos). I’ve always wondered how they make such a smooth camera that makes the gameplay feel very realistic and dynamic when you move around.

Here is an example from Combat Mayhem:

Example from Fall of Heroes:

This does seem like a complicated system to create since I think the camera following the player might’ve been totally recreated in many ways. But I would really appreciate some help from anyone to share and come up with ideas for how this can be made.

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You can put a spring on the camera instance (assuming it’s a part) and have the spring react to the magnitude of the direction the player is walking in. I don’t know the exact way these examples are doing it in but, that’s probably the simpler way to at least get started.

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Well have you tried that? If so, could you send a short vid of how it looks if possible? (Asking since I’m interested to see how that would result to look like before I try to implement this)