How would you make animations affected by physics?

I want to make a system where a roblox characters animations can be affected by physics.
Sort of like a ragdoll that can stand up and move with animations.

If you have ever played a vr game called boneworks then you would get sort of what I mean. NPC’s can be affected by physics but also have an animation play.

Another example would be this video

I was thinking I could make a character ragdoll and sort of push joints in order to get them in a certain position but I am not too sure if that would work. I have no other ideas than that.


thats not really an animation its called IK which calculates footstep movement in real time there are many library/module in devforum about IK(inverse kinematics)


i know but he also is using animations

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I thought it was IK at first but I’m not entirely sure. I think IK is procedural but I’m pretty sure those animations weren’t done procedurally and were animated normally. Also I don’t just want footstep movement calculated. I wan’t to know if its possible on roblox too run an animation on a rig and manipulate it with roblox physics.

It might not even be possible with roblox. But Idk.

Also here is where I got the video:

I sort of want it like boneworks character controller.
I remember hearing somewhere that the animations were made with normal animating.
The npcs in the game are a good example.