How would you suggest me making roleplay game music

Hello Developers! I am currently working on a big duo project. A roleplay game. I have got to the stage where most of the scripting is done, but I have no background music. I really need background music, because if I don’t have any, I will lose player interest very quickly. I want to make it myself, and not use the toolbox at all in my projects. Any ideas of anything? Free applications, etc…

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You can sign up for for free. That is what I personally use.

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Thanks, but I don’t want to sign up to anything. Would you use any other things?
Edit: I do use, but I was struggling to get the tune right.


I am not sure. These days you have to sign up for everything. You can install apps on your phone. Then export it. There are many apps you can use without signing up.

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I checked the beepbox and it doesn’t match a roleplay game style. Maybe you can learn playing some instruments. Thats what I did. But I really reccomend it is worth it.

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Wait I got it and it looks good, but what instrument would I use for a happy, life themed rp game?

Edit: When I try to make happy music it turns out to be really tense

try @Roblox music
i use it not all the time

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What do you mean by @roblox music?

Sorry if I am missing something here

free-to-use audio published by Roblox.

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I kinda want to make my own, I want to take nothing from the toolbox

I could help you with this, I’ve been making rpg music for a while. It really depends on if you want me to help or not.

That would by great, depending on what you mean. Do you mean like do it for me or just get me on the right page with things?