Hows this for a Great Sword?

Hello! I’ve decided to create more swords with blender, I’ve have only recently gotten into blender and have been using it for roughly 1 - 2 months now.

Here’s what I created:

Particles and Modelled by me

  1. Unless the blade is made out of a strong material, I’d suggest connecting the ends of the blade together so it looks more sturdy.

  2. The handle looks a tad bit small, it looks like I’d be uncomfortable to hold.

  3. If you wanted, you could make a particle coming from the center of the sword that comes out in between the seperate parts


Understandable concerns here. I do understand where you’re coming from with that. (Thank you for the feedback regardless)

However, because of the theme of it (Fantasy) the split in the middle is intentional as most swords that are in a fantasy world look rather impossible for a mere human to hold. Think of it as a magical world where you are a strong warrior that can hold these types of blades, plus there is plenty of animations/anime even games on roblox that would do similar things. This is all really to make it seem really cool for the player to hold if you understand where I’m coming from.

The handle I can definitely agree on to be fair, I was trying to go for something that would fit the overall model itself and that’s what I ended up going with. It’s still pretty thick I just think where the handle is placed on the dummy it looks very small. Because if you look at the sword when it’s on the back the handle looks rather big.

There is a particle which is smoke however, I made the rate of it fairly low, plus it doesn’t glow as much as the swirls around blade. Reasoning for this was because of having it all flow together and have it mix well to fit the overall structure of the blade.

Regardless of what you have said I shall take your feedback and learn from it.

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got a problem with humans? :weary:

I’d also suggest decreasing the rate & speed of those particles. It interferes with the actual look of the sword in my opinion. And for the circles on the hand guard, I’d make them less transparent and have them glow more.


I would never have a issue with humans -cough- dare defy me human.

I was thinking of decreasing the rate, I think a slower overall rotation and lowering down the speed a bit shall make it pop a bit more allowing the blade to be seen a bit more.

I shall also experiment with that, just a lot of things to test really.


great sword that’s a great sword

Woah, looks funky. The handle looks great and you’re only a beginner on blender?! It looks amazing! Good job!

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Looks like a great great sword. Overall, a pretty great sword