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:fork_and_knife: Hoxton Restaurant Community Information

Welcome to Hoxton Restaurant Community Information Bulletin! In here, you will find out every information you need to know about the community!

What is HoxtonSnackz?

Hoxton Restaurant offers the best and delicious foods & fresh drinks in the World of Robloxia! We also provide with a top-quality dining experiences along with a highly trained employees to leave our customers with a lasting impression of quality. In here, you can make new friends, enjoying great & delicious foods and drinks, and of course getting a job!

Feel free to visit our restaurant game for a bite to eat, drink some fresh drinks, meet new friends or get a job and help us feed all of our hungry costumers. We’ve been serving up a lot of fun together with the Hoxton Family, and we believe you can too!

Want to work here at Hoxton Restaurant?

We provide job opportunities to everyone. If you want to work with us, be sure to attend an Interview or submit an application at our Job Centers! Interview Sessions are hosted daily, while an Application only open every Saturdays & Sundays.

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Hoxton Restaurant Community Group:
:link: Hoxton Restaurant - Roblox

Founded on May 2020 by DevartiopologyHD & VenusPlayz123!

Community Guidelines

Hoxton Restaurant Community Guidelines

To ensure everyone within the Hoxton Community can have a safe time, fun environment for our community to stay and can enjoy our games, we have made a list of community guidelines, which we expect our community to follow. You automatically agree to these guidelines upon joining our group or to any of our games.

Job Information & Tasks
Regular Rank
Hungry Costumer A happy and hungry customer of Hoxton Restaurant.
Noted Costumer
Business Partner
Employee Rank
Suspended Employee An employee who are suspended from any Job or Role for a set amount of time.
Awaiting Training An employee who has passed their application. As a Trainee, you must attend a Training Session at the Training Center to be able to start working here at Hoxton Restaurant.
Junior Cashier As a Junior Cashier,
Experienced Cashier
Master Cashier
Junior Cook As a Junior Cook,
Experienced Cook
Master Cook
Middle Rank
Cashier Leader
Kitchen Leader
Staff Assistant
Senior Staff
Restaurant Supervisor
High Rank
Shift Manager
Restaurant Supervisor
Assistant Manager
Restaurant Manager
Executive Rank
Chief Communication Officer
Chief Compliance Officer
Chief Operation Officer
Chief Moderation Officer
Senior High Rank
Vice President
President & Chief Executive Officer
Game Developer
Co Owner & Founder
Owner & Founder
Session Schedule


Interview Session Guide


Training Session Guide


Frequently Asked Questions


Business Partnerships Information


Group Games

Hoxton Main Restaurant Game:
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Hoxton Application Center:
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Hoxton Interview Center:
:link: Coming Soon…

Hoxton Training Center:
:link: Coming Soon…

Hoxton Meeting Center:
:link: Coming Soon…

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Hoxton Community, feel free to contact any member of our management team for assistance and support.

What are you waiting for?

Come and join our wonderful and growing community today to make new friends and to become the Best Hoxton Employee at all time!

Our Official merchandise & clothings are in our group store, go check it out!
Thank you for supporting Hoxton Restaurant!