HSL HRT Bus Company is Hiring!


Hi there, we are HSL HRT, the Finnish Bus Company! We strive to make our passengers happy by bringing the best quality Bus Simulator RP Game’s around!

Here is the group: https://www.roblox.com/groups/5306106/HSL-HRT#!/about

We have many great people in this group who do their very best to make sure everyone has a happy and enjoyable ride with us!

What we need

We are on the look for some HR’s. We need some assist on the game, to speed things up, as we faced a minor issue with something. We need:

  1. Someone who is a role model
  2. Someone who can work efficiently
  3. Someone who can work with other people
  4. Someone who is dedicated to game developing!

We need 2 more HR’s so be quick!
If you apply, but don’t get the HR, you will be automatically made an MR.
When you are an MR, and you stay with us for a while, you will be automatically made a HR!


We will be paying in percentages. HR’s get 10% of shares (There are a lot f HR’s so that is why it is 10%)

Thank you so much for reading this! You must be 14 years old or above to apply!

Discord Server



Discord: TaylorXIV#0447
Twitter: @Auditioneer
Or developer forum!

Many thanks!


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More details in a DM!
Incase you were wondering about other things!

I sent a friend request on discord.

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Hello, I would love to apply here.

Discord: DevNetCheese#2725.

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Hi, i am mydogisred14 i am very interested in the HR position,i think i would be a great fit for the human resources deportment and still get a share from the project

please consider choosing me,if you have any questions for me please don’t hesitate to contact me on Developer Forum! thanks