HT_7R | Builder/Environmental Artist

About Me

Hey there! My name is Mikey, but my Roblox Username is ht_7r. I’m a Builder and Environmental Artist doing most of my work on Roblox. I’m offering my services for longterm positions and commissions. The programs I use to create my work include primarily Roblox Studio, with models and some other areas being modeled in Blender 3.0. Most of my texturing is done through photoshop.

I’ve had a good amount of experience, and have worked for a few notable groups. These include but aren’t limited to Kohau, Kecai, Emerald Theatre, and more.

I started my building journey roughly 3 years ago, and began modeling around a year ago. I know how to optimize my work, and all of my projects include custom models fit for your game.

My Showcase

Here are a few examples of my prior work. A constant flow of work as I create it can be found on my twitter feed.

Build Examples

My Pricing


Restaurant/Food Industry:

  • 75,000 Robux+
  • $250.00 USD+

Hotels/Large Venues:

  • 95,000 Robux+
  • $350.00 USD+

Centers (Training, Event, Etc.):

  • 25,000 Robux+
  • $75.00 USD+

Only Architecture:

  • 25,000 Robux+
  • $75.00 USD+

Other Maps:

  • 55,000 Robux+
  • $120.00 USD+

Prices contain compensation for the amount of time spent working, current demand of products, custom models/textures, and more. Although base prices are provided, prices can change depending on the specific details of the project.

My Terms/Conditions

Payment Policies
  • Incremental payment is required unless we agree otherwise
  • Downpayment of 50% is required for all commissions (no exceptions)
  • 75% is required at 75% completion of the project (build is done & some map features)
  • 100% payment is required upon completion of the entire map & before a file is sent to you
  • If you cancel the commission, a refund will not be provided, but you will keep the progress
  • If a build is over 75% complete and you cancel, you will not receive the build unless you pay for what was done
  • A large sum of the payment goes towards the time I spend on your build, therefore refunds will generally not be given if I cancel unless you are owed a percent (you paid for more than is complete) (does not apply if you cancel)
  • A file will be sent to you (.rbxl) upon game completion of your game
General Terms
  • Deadlines are a no, but if you provide me dates that you want to hit checkpoints I will do my best to honor them (I am a high school student who isn’t always free to work on your commission)
  • Assets in your game are made for your group; you may reuse them only in the group they are made for; you can not resell the build (if selling group let me know so I can log the new owners)
  • Upon purchasing a group that commissioned me, you are subject to these terms (the group as a company has already accepted them so they carry over)
  • Selling a group in the midst of a commission will result in a cancelation without refund. You will keep the progress
  • I will keep projects private only if requested, so please make that clear
  • Don’t be rude, threatening, or over aggressive; maintain a healthy environment, or your commission can be canceled
  • If you need major changes, please ask before I’ve finished a lot, otherwise I won’t do it without a small cost for my time
  • Small changes are fine, but I will not restart an entire build when I had major progress unless you are paying extra

How to order

Please contact me 1-2 months in advance; I work with a waitlist based system and complete one project at a time. I can be contacted through Roblox, Twitter, or Discord.

Discord: MIKEY#4803
Roblox: @HT_7R

Contact me with the following details:

  • Roblox & Discord Username/Tag:
  • Group Name & Type of Group:
  • (or) Game Name & Type of Game:
  • Specific Info about the build(s):
  • Budget: