Http Service : Trust check failed

Hello! I’m currently making a custom IDE for a “Roblox” recreation project and in order to make it work, i need to have a lexer(list) with all the roblox function, Instances Type and overall everything that you can do in script. I wanted to automate it with the HttpService because else it would take decay not including making it usefull.

The problem him having is that when i try to make a request it says URL : Trust check failed.

I have read that roblox don’t accepts request to it’s site from it own servers but in the posts they never did a request to the API documentation itself.

Here’s the code i’m using to send a request.

local HttpService = game:GetService("HttpService")
local TestURL = ""

local Response = HttpService:GetAsync(TestURL)


I would really appreciate your help because it would help a lot!

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  • Requests cannot be made to any Roblox website, such as
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