HttpError: Timedout & HTTP 500 (Internal Server Error)

Stack begin
Script 'ServerScriptService.AiResponseServerSide', Line 64 - function sendRequest
Script 'ServerScriptService.AiResponseServerSide', Line 87 - function onChatMessage
Script 'ServerScriptService.AiResponseServerSide', Line 112
Stack End

I am building characters powered by AI but i’m running into issues with roblox servers. If no one is playing the model unloads, once someone joins it starts loading but it takes a few minutes so I get the “Timedout” error. On the other hand I have no idea where the 500 one comes from. It’s 100% Roblox-sided tho. The problem is that if someone gets the error they have to rejoin to interact with the character. How can I fix this issue? I am fine with work-arounds :wink: How do I let people keep using the chatbot after the error drops?

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Hello, can you send the script itself?

I’m mostly looking for ways to solve this problem rather than ready fixes and I don’t think that examples of the code will really help find a solution ;/

The only way I can tell you’re correct is that this is a Roblox server.
From other perspectives, I can only offer limited assistance because this error is also affected by your code.
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