Https:// DOSarrest

The https on is under DOSarrest
Doesn’t Work under DOSarrest


Bumping this!
Why is it still under DOSarrest?

I’m told there’s a problem with the version of MediaWiki we’re using and HTTPS support. This is intentional. We’re planning on an update/migration in the future.

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cc @UristMcSparks

on a side note, can you guys update the ROBLOX launcher to use https when fetching the client files?

I noticed that roblox is using V1.25.3
While the latest stable version is V1.27.1
But there’s huge changes after V1.25
Mainly to extensions etc.
That’s proabebly why roblox is waiting with the upgrade.

Here’s mediawiki’s latest version (they are using developer version.)

But my understanding is that you can “force” https in the .htaccess file.