Huge memory leak (network/TouchReplication, UntrackedMemory)

To keep it short: At any random moment during the servers lifetime (every 20-90 minutes), touch replication would spike up 1000mb+ in memory. After this, it slowly decreases, however, overall server memory never clears and stays to whatever number it spiked to.

Essentially, this keeps happening, memory jumping by the thousasnds and eventually crashing the server within an hour or so. This is extremely detrimental and frustrating especially for our player base :frowning:

We have ruled out all our touch connections by disabling them completely, and the only server-side script enabled that uses touchReplication is the module ZonePlus.

I know many of you guys will need more context to this question, so I’ll be more than glad to answer any questions you guys have. Thank you


what is your game be like? chances are if it’s some simple or small game or a game whom you know the server won’t stay active that long, you shouldn’t worry about memory leaks and whatnot
Also, in case for one-time events you should use Once() when connecting events and add the connections to a table and manage them there or Destroy() the object with connections and let engine do it for you (doesn’t work if the object has metatables attached i think)

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Did you ever figure out what’s causing this?