[Huge update] Feedback on my loading screen

So I basically finished with my loading screen, I would just like a few suggestions on how to make it even better:

This is supposed to be a cartoony game btw.

Any feedback is appreciated :slight_smile:


Since its cartoony, I suggest using some faint darker versions of the main color (yellow in your case) instead of black. I suggest instead of just lines as the pattern you can use X’s with rounded edges or a shape of some sort. Lastly, I suggest you look up color theory so you know how colors contrast and such as the yellow and black background blends in with the noob head. Good job though!


Maybe a loading screen with as background small OOF Heads and then that rotating and then at the middle of the GUI “Loading Game…”

@geedcat thanks for the feedback! Imma make those changes right away.

@Systerni That was actually my original idea, but it didn’t look so good.

Just remade it, I thinks it’s much better now.