Humanoid Clone Animator

I’m trying to :Clone() a Humanoid with a skin system, however, I had an issue with the humanoid “Animation” script in the .Humanoid model


It doesn’t seem to want to run in Studio, but I’m not sure if that’s the only place the issue is.

The script is there, but it doesn’t work. Is it a local script issue I’m unaware of?

During a Studio Session, I went to my “Rbellev” character, and quickly Disabled, then Re-Enabled it in my scripts, and that seems to work.

So I tried to replicate for a bit for a way to get them to turn off and on, but I don’t think that’s the solution.

Does anyone know what I should do to replicate Animate LocalScripts in a :Clone() without breaking them?

Is the localscript in workspace? Because localscripts don’t work in workspace.

It’s replicated through the character, and :Cloned into the game, so it’s in the workspace once Clone’d into the humanoid.

local animate = char.Animate

I delete them in a script when changing the skins. But it seems to never want to :Clone properly.
The script itself does, but maybe because it’s a local script, it just doesn’t.

Assuming this is the typical animate localscript thats added to player characters:
Make the ‘Animate’ a Script instead of a LocalScript, and remove anything related to LocalPlayer

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That sounds like a good solution, I’ll lyk in a few.