Humanoid Enemy clips through anything in it's way

So, I’m making an enemy system for my game. Basically, enemies on the server are simple HumanoidRootParts with their Humanoids in, and they move about and do stuff like they should - on the client side I attach the rest of the model to that HumanoidRootPart.

My problem is that the single HumanoidRootPart seems to clip through stuff in its way. It can go up some stairs and ramps, but it clips through if it wants to go through the other way. This isn’t behaviour I want.

(gyazo if that doesn’t work)
(gyazo if that doesn’t work)

I know Humanoids aren’t the most efficient way to do custom enemies, but it’s really convenient (except for some bugs it causes). Later I might switch to a custom ‘humanoid’ system but for now I’d like to get this one working. Anyone know why it clips like that?

I’ve also attached a “Collider” part to it which is CanCollide true, like the humanoidrootpart but it still did the same thing.

(Let’s say the part attached to the HumanoidRootPart is called AttachedPart)

If you’re using Vector3, change it and use CFrame instead, and make sure CanCollide property for the AttachedPart is set to false so the AttachedPart will go above any part it touches, as long as the touched part’s CanCollide property is set to true.

This strangely occurred to me while I was making a shield for a game I’m working on, but thought it might help you.

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Didn’t seem to solve it, but I found what did. Ohhh I kind of hate humanoids. Like, if you actually anchor the HumanoidRootPart, it still moves. Not so crazy when you realise it’s actually just custom physics - they can go up ramps but don’t fall down them. It’s weird.

Humanoids are weird, so of course fixing any bugs with them is weird. I had to change the Collider part’s name to Torso, and then it’s all good. Eh, whatever works. I will probably write a custom humanoid script for it later.

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