Humanoid Loaded Animations not Replicating to Server

For the last couple of weeks now I’ve been encountering what I can only really call a seemingly random bug. The bug itself involves random animations loaded and played client side from in the humanoid of one player and not replicated to the other.

The “cause” seems to be rather random. Sometimes one animation will trigger it every single time in testing, and then suddenly never trigger it again. As depicted in this clip when the trigger happens all of that clients animations are no longer replicated to the server, and therefore not replicated to the other players. (The animations are group owned animations and all of them are valid. There are absolutely no errors both on all clients unable to see animations, and not having their animations replicated as well as no errors server side)

I’ve already tried updating animations via re-uploading them. Which ultimately did nothing. I’ve also tried looking around to no avail. I’ve seen this issue appear in other games across the platform but I haven’t been able to find any mention of it from anyone else on the DevForum or various other sites. I’m completely unsure if this is some sort of issue that I’m causing, or if its something completely out of my control.

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It doesn’t seem like an animation bug to me, because it ran the first time you did an attack animation (on all the clients).

I’m not sure what method you are using to replicate the animations, but I would recommend building a custom replicator. Such a system would tell server a client wants to do an animation, checks if it’s legit, then replicates it via Remotes to the other clients. The other clients would then have a receiving script that plays the animation in initial player’s character (humanoid).

And obviously make sure that FilteringEnabled is set to true. This might otherwise mess with your scripts and cause weird behaviour.

Why build a custom replicator? Animations already replicate when played with a character from a LocalScript due to the Animator. This is pretty much reinventing the wheel unless you don’t have access to that Animator or a reason to not support it.

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If the network owner of the clients character isn’t the local player, any animation played on its character from the clientside won’t replicate. If you were to anchor the character, the network ownership will seize to exist and it would happen.

The reasoning behind it being called some sort of animation bug stems from the odd behavior, the animation-less humanoid stemming from random triggers. The same animation doesn’t trigger it throughout multiple tests. All of these animations are loaded into the player’s character humanoid through the default method of loading animations. Humanoid:LoadAnimation(animationInstance).

I’ve looked over all the scripts that would of potentially impacted the character with what I did in that linked video and none of them change anything for the character that would from my understanding stop the animations from replicating. Furthermore the same animation that might trigger it will suddenly start to work shortly after some other animation that replicates randomly plays.

The reverse is also true, an animation that might of replicated beforehand can just as randomly not replicate. Which is the case for the first punch like animation playing, then not replicating only a short while after. These random issues with replication only sprung up recently. There weren’t any major changes to how anything was handled, the animation bug, or issue, or whatever it falls under started out of the blue.