Humanoid not adding attribute? I'm sorry, what?!

I have this simple script I wrote which adds an attribute named StunTime to the humanoid, problem is, it isn’t adding it, any help?

Here is my code

And this is what it does, it doesn’t add the attribute.
Screenshot 2021-07-11 111424

If you know why please tell me.

If you put something like print("hi") after hum:SetAttribute('StunTime', 0), does it print? Also, is the script a local script or a server script and what other code is there in the script?

No it is not running when running print after it and I’m not too sure why, did I do something wrong? Since it was working until now which doesn’t make sense.

Where is the script located? .

ServerScriptService, it is a Server Script

What other code is there? There’s obviously some code giving you the player reference.

I fixed it I had other errors above it so the CharacterAdded event couldn’t run, thanks for the help! Basic mistake.

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