Humanoid shadows sometimes fail to blur when parts are in certain places

Normally shadows casted by humanoids have a blur applied to make them look better, but sometimes this doesn’t work.

Here is a bugged shadow:

Here is a normal shadow:

At first I thought the bug was unpredictable, but then I found that while placing a blueprint in Booga Booga the blur effect went away when I was placing it on the ocean from the floating island. As I moved my cursor across, the blur slid off.

Very strange.


Interesting. There are some cases where the blur can’t work due to… reasons (don’t feel like explaining the entire system atm), but I don’t think this is due to those reasons - might be some other bug that we can actually fix. Would it be possible to get a simpler repro for this? Like maybe a separate place file with this blueprint where the shadows don’t work?

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Could it somehow involve the blueprint models in booga booga being of the glass material?

The bug happens in places where there is no glass, so I don’t think so.

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By the way, is the blueprint parented to character model?

Considering that you can only see the blueprint, I would guess it’s in the Camera

Edit: but that most likely is wrong since if the game is fe, then it could be parented anywhere in workspace and nobody else would be able to see it. I’ve only seen that kind of bug with parts parented to the player, but the other way around (where the shadow is bugged when parts are near the player, instead of far away).