Humanoid size problem

So i made a simulator game. When i change the size of bodydepthscale and etc. The character become so huge that makes the character stuck at the platform. I want to prevent the player to stuck when they get so much size at once. What should i do?
Here is the video

	local leader = plr:WaitForChild("leaderstats")
	local size = leader:WaitForChild("Size")
	local char = plr.Character
		char.Humanoid.BodyDepthScale.Value = size.Value
		char.Humanoid.BodyWidthScale.Value = size.Value
		char.Humanoid.BodyHeightScale.Value = size.Value
		char.Humanoid.HeadScale.Value = size.Value

In the video i change the size to 100 and the player is stuck

Calculate the new height of the player and use :SetPrimaryPartCFrame() on the player model to set the new position on the Y axis as a positive offset value to the Baseplates Y axis. Depending on how you calculate the size of the model, you want to make sure to take the position of primary part into consideration. That’ll teleport the player above the Baseplate.