Humanoid:ApplyDescription() makes moving the waist motor6d through scripts impossible

So i have code that should cause the upper torso to rotate. I use the C0 property of the waist motor6d parented to the upper torso. Each frame i add a cframe and yet the upper torso doesnt move. The code for moving the torso is 100% not the issue because i’ve tested it out in a baseplate and it worked fine. I’ve tracked the issue to the use of ApplyDescription on players as soon as they join the game. When i comment out the line that changes the humanoid description the torso script works. This is the code i use to change the humanoid description

		local hum = newChar:WaitForChild("Humanoid")
		local charDesc = hum:GetAppliedDescription()
		charDesc.LeftArm = 0
		charDesc.Head = 0
		charDesc.LeftLeg = 0
		charDesc.RightArm = 0
		charDesc.RightLeg = 0
		charDesc.Torso = 0

and this is the script for moving the torso

if waist then
		waist.C0 =, waistY,0) * CFrame.Angles(0,-math.asin(cameraDirection.X)/2,0) * CFrame.Angles(math.asin(cameraDirection.Y)/2,0,0)

again the issue is almost certainly caused by Humanoid.ApplyDescription(). Commenting that line alone causes the code to work.