So maybe the forum of ATR are complete whiners, but anyone who plays combat games agree, this update is very very bad for all existing combat games. It’s like you all the sudden made FilteringEnabled mandatory. Yes, this opens new doors to better games, but it also breaks tons of other games.

Anyways, my idea is that we make a way to disable this update, as a property on Humanoids. My new project, which doesn’t involve combat, and is completely first person, now has problems, because colliding into 0.2,0.2,2 sized wedges let people not only get to places they shouldn’t on the map, forcing me to add invisible barriers, but even worse is climbing stairs and accidentally bumping into other players.

Yes, I totally love this update, and I think it introduced wonderful gameplay features, but is has to be optional, or I will be unable to make games anymore.

Such a property isn’t the right way to solve the problem.

The change was due to the spring force on humanoid controllers being changed. The solutions being looked at right now are just exposing the spring force (So you can get back exactly the old behavior, and the new behavior, and possibly other things in-between, whatever works best for you), and re-exposing Humanoid::WalkDirection so that you can easily build simple scripts that “fudge” the movement in the way that you want.