HumanoidDescription HeightScale not updating on player's character clone in ViewportFrame

I am in the middle of creating a character customization menu. One of the options the player has is to modify the height of their character. Within this menu, a render can be seen of the player’s character.

Here is what’s being rendered in the viewport frame(I know I don’t need some things being copied, I’m just messing around for now)

When I update the HumanoidDescription’s clothing and apply it, the render updates perfectly. But for some reason, even though the description says the height scale has changed, the clone’s height is not changing.

For testing purposes, I made the height scale set to one hundred to visibly see an absurd change but nothing is happening when I apply the description.

local a = RenderClone:FindFirstChild("Humanoid"):GetAppliedDescription()
a.HeightScale = 100

Am I misunderstanding the use of HumanoidDecriptions? What am I doing wrong here?

I haven’t looked into `HumanoidDescriptions, but couldn’t you just do

Humanoid.BodyHeightScale = 100

Instead of what you did?

Those NumberValues automatically get updated to the HumanoidDescription’s set scales. So when I apply a new description the values update to the new description’s scales.

But I actually did try that in the process of trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong and even that doesn’t change the height.

The value changes perfectly. But it seems as if the render doesn’t update when the value changes. Even though it does update when a clothing property is changed in the description. Which is why I am confused.

Well according to the wiki, it says that HeightScale is a float, so maybe if you try to do a.HeightScale = 100.0 could help?

I managed to fix it by disabling AutomaticScalingEnabled and then re-enabling it after applying the description. Don’t ask me why this fixes it, but it does.

local a = RenderClone:FindFirstChild("Humanoid"):GetAppliedDescription()
a.HeightScale = 100
RenderClone:FindFirstChild("Humanoid").AutomaticScalingEnabled = false
RenderClone:FindFirstChild("Humanoid").AutomaticScalingEnabled = true

When combined with the slider-bar it scales smoothly. So…whatever works I guess.


Do you still use this solution?

You don’t need to ApplyDescription if you set the BodyHeightScale value inside the humanoid. I was having trouble with this today as I couldn’t call ApplyDescription from the client.

humanoid.BodyHeightScale.Value = height.heightInStuds
humanoid.AutomaticScalingEnabled = false
humanoid.AutomaticScalingEnabled = true