HumanoidDescription not replicating animations to the client

I was messing with a new way to spawn in some NPCs with custom looks whilst only using one model, I succeed with the new HumanoidDescription. But I ran into an issue, the animations weren’t replicating onto my client (the animation script was there [LocalScript]). Since you have to use Humanoid:ApplyDescription() on the backend server, I can’t apply the description on the client. Any work arounds?

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AFAIK… HumanoidDescriptions don’t work on NPCs. Which is what lead me to build my own custom implementation of ApplyDescription, and LoadCharacterWithHumanoidDescription.

Unless they changed that, I’m not really sure how you got it working. Also animations should be inside of a server script for NPCs. Since NPCs will be in the workspace and local scripts doesn’t run in the workspace. You can do a copy pasta of the localscript animation stuff and put it inside of a server script. Just comment out the one block of code that has LocalPlayer.