humanoid:EquipTool(tool) help

I have been making an FPS and that requires me to disable the default backpack system. I wanted to use humanoid:EquipTool(gun), and it worked from the client’s side, but not the server’s side… and I want the gun to show up for everybody else! Please help!

here’s my server scripts code:


yes, I am meaning to not have it equip the first time the character is added

Do you happen to have a script you can post to show what you are doing? It is difficult to diagnose a patient I can’t see.

Hey there,

I’d be able to help more if I saw your script but from what I understand you need to use remote events to do that. The wiki page below explains it very well:

I added the code, now can you help me?

Have you disabled the backpack yet? Also, where is this script located?

the script is in workspace and yes, the backpack gets disabled from a local script in the starter gui