HumanoidRootPart keeps escaping the model

The topic may be missleading but what I mean is, the humanoidRootPart keeps moving out of the model and if it is wielded, it takes the whole model with it.
Intended position for humanoidRootPart-
Screenshot 2022-12-26 081743

The property-
Screenshot 2022-12-26 081822

When wielded-
Screenshot 2022-12-26 082002

When unwielded-
Screenshot 2022-12-26 082224

I have tried disabling collision but the same thing happens.

The same thing also happens when I anchored it.

un anchor it and use plugin rigedit, then open it up and select humanoid root part hold ctrl then select torso then go to the plugin gui and click make joints if doesnt work select torso first hold ctrl then select root part,
make sure the primary part of the model is humanoidrootpart by clicking the model and going to properties scrolling to the bottom clicking primary part then clicking root part