Hundreds of sound errors in console

My console is being spammed with “failed to download rbxassetid… : Unable to download sound data” out of no where.

Any idea what might be causing this?

does the audio you’re using have permissions for the place?

Roblox got an update a few months ago and most audio available in the library got wiped/private. Roblox game owners can now only use audio created by them for their game(so Roblox pretty much passes responsibility to you and your game for copyrights and such, since the audio you upload won’t be able to be played in games that you didn’t make like it used to happen with games like MM2 that supported radio game passes). This error is a common error for games that still have old public audio ids in them and if that’s the case you have to re-upload them yourself(and also ensure they won’t get your game content deleted).

The issue seems to have went away on its own, just like it came. Out of nowhere. I’m guessing it was an internal error that had nothing to do with me, seeing as it’s gone now. Thanks for replying tho

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