Hunting Season V0.2.6 Update log

Update Log:


*Nerf some building stats

Bug Fixes

  • Fix Building Audio
  • Fix Buildings Position



  • New structure destruction system.
  • New watchtower model.
  • New cinematic mode which disables those pesky popups so you can take those cool shots.
  • New shopkeeper animations.
  • New anti-cheat.


  • Settings UI minor design changed.
  • Players weapons and items now save when you leave the game (you will still lose your stuff if you die).
  • Reduce buggy steering since it was difficult to make good turns.
  • Added fire in the plane cockpit to prevent camping.
  • Shotgun fire rate decreased from 0.7s to 0.55s.
  • Molotve flames dispense time changed from 10s > 12.5s.
  • Torches back end changes and torch respawn time changed from 50s > 50s to 100s.
  • Torches light color, brightness, and range changed.
  • Zero spawns 30 seconds after the night begins.
  • Zero spawn zone change from the farm fields to the edge of the lake next to warehouse beta.
  • Zero spawn rate changed from 25% > 20%.


  • SUMM3RBREAK code

Bug Fixes

  • Soldiers parachuting in the air indefinitely have been fixed.
  • Watchtower particle bug has been fixed
  • Warehouse Beta Terrian popping up from the floor has been fixed.
  • Shotgun not firing after purchasing ammo fixed.
  • Fixed Items and Medkits floating in mid-air when a building is destroyed.