HxH Studios Looking For A Animator And Builder!

Hello and Welcome To HxH Studios’ Hiring Page!

About Us

Hello there! We are passionate anime fans here, who were inspired to create the best Hunter Hunter game to date! We started this project because we were passionate about the content, and still are to this day, we work hard not for the money, but for the goal of creating a great game for our fans to enjoy. As a goal we try to keep our standards up to Grand Piece Online’s Quality, and often try to rework things as much as possible!
Otherwise we are a generally chill team, leading a chill community of people!

Our Fabulous Team

@Shiroudan Main Scripter
@Expedyte User Interface And Effects (His UI is godly, also a Shirou Manager :cold_face:)
@a1Coldest1 Modeling
@Sugikaze Graphics Design, All Around Support

About The Job

We are looking for people who love Hunter X Hunter just as much as we do, and preferably have played Grand Piece Online, and other modern anime games! As a developer we will treat you equally, and fairly, your complaints will be listened to, and your suggestions thought about. If you need a break, you will get a break, we are generally accepting of hiatuses!
UNLESS, you do not tell us why. Ghosting is basically the only thing that will get you fired. If you don’t tell us why you aren’t working, or why you are ignoring us, we will have no choice but to decide on whether or not to fire you. Of course if you give a valid reason, you will not be fired!

We work as a team, so as a fellow developer, you will be expected to also listen to our suggestions, and be willing to change your work if it’s not up to standards like the rest of us!


Developers are treated equally and are the highest power in the Discord Server, we don’t have owners/game managers, because they are a stupid idea, and as a developer you will be at the top, always. The only ones who can and ever will moderate you are fellow developers, because as developers, we are essentially the game itself, so why would a owner/admin have more power than the people who made their game… (Sorry about the rant, I’m annoyed in general by useless game owners)


If you have decided that you are interested in working at HxH Studios, please contact either, me (Shiroudan#5902) or any of the other developers about submitting a application, this process will be done completely on Discord! Discord Server

About The Game

Our game has now been in development for about 4 months now, and we have all of the UI done, almost all of the base scripting done, most of the combat done, not to many Hatsus and Fighting Styles done, and all the hairs done and integrated. If you would like to see our game please contact us on discord, and we will temporarily give you tester so you can experience it yourself!


Contact Us

You can contact us via our Discord Server here! Just DM either me, Shiroudan#5902, or any of the other developers once you have joined!

Thanks for reading! :bowing_man:


https://gyazo.com/509ac20cb2a303d4d00dd94e2d3c4481 (knockback weird rn)


Note: Still WIP, Ragdoll was temporarily removed, and the knockback is a bit wonk. Also 5th hit is not a blockbreak, just the amount of damage done cause it.
https://gyazo.com/1f0a8459a33beada11af44632a19cd1d (Not combat, it’s assassin fighting style, still wip.)


sneakpeek of menu (VERY VERY OUTDATED, Just can’t take a video right now! Again DM for a more updated version!)

We have more, just DM us if you want to see the rest. Note: Everything is also still being improved!

Ah I’ve written way to much, thank you for reading again!

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