Hyptek Emergency Department: Guide Book

Applicant: Someone who wants to join HED.

Trainee: A new official member of HED.

Medic: Beginner rank. (Optional rank)
Requirements: Pass “First Aid”.

Scout: Intermediate rank.
Requirements: Pass “Fire Safety” and “Squad Training”.

Ranger: Advanced rank.
Prerequisites: Pass all Scout trainings.
Requirements: Pass “Rail Safety” and “Biohazards &; Radiation”.

Trooper: Expert rank.
Prerequisites: Pass all Scout trainings, pass all Ranger trainings.
Requirements: Pass “Responsibility & Maturity” and “Communication & Cooperation”.

Captain: Captains are squad leaders, and can create squads.
Prerequisites: Pass all Scout trainings, pass all Ranger trainings, pass all Trooper trainings. Requirements: Pass “Captain Training”, and be approved.

Chief: Three responsible captains, upgraded with the role of overseeing Fire, Hazmat, or Medical tasks. They can also host certain training courses.
Prerequisites: Pass all trainings.
Requirements: Hand picked, with “Chief Training”.

Manager: Someone trusted who manages promotions.
Requirements: Hand picked.

Director: FDSA123567


  • First Aid
  • Fire Safety
  • Rail Safety
  • Squad Training
  • Biohazards & Radiation
  • Responsibility & Maturity
  • Communication & Cooperation


  • Captain Training
  • Chief Training

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