I’ll help you improve your roblox games!

No matter how good of a dev you are, eventually, you’ll need help on what to do next. Player feedback is obviously the way to do that, right? Sometimes, no. A lot of times you’ll just get either low quality feedback or suggestions that would completely change the game in a way only a small portion of players want. You could just ask for player feedback and sort through all the crap, or you could just have someone like me review your game and give you details on what to improve. All the time I see roblox games that are great, but missing one important feature. Or sometimes I see games where everything is amazing, except the UI. Not to mention pay-to-win games where the gamepasses are way too strong or where the prices are far too high. I can help.

I’ll check out your game and give feedback on what needs to be balanced, what needs to be changed, and what can stay the same. I’m not going to tell you what to change in your game, only what you should change in your game. After all, it IS your game. Your feedback will come in a format like this:

Originality: /10
UI/GUI: /10
Balance: /10
Gamepass balance: /10
Gameplay: /10
Other: /10
Feedback: Example is a great game, though it kinda resembles Other Example. On the other hand, your UI and GUI are great, no changes needed there! And as for balance, the game is balanced pretty well, but Strong Item is too strong and Weak Item is too weak. The gamepasses are mostly fair, but Overpowered Gamepass gives an unfair advantage and Expensive Gamepass costs too much. The game plays great though, I love the way you did the quest system! The only other major problem is that the map is glitchy and some places give an unfair advantage to whoever can get to them.

If interested in getting feedback like this, you can reach me on discord at WagonTime#3472 so we can discuss the details such as the price.

Please guys. I’m trying to fund my dream of a game, and while I have no coding experience, I could hire someone.