I accidently moved my command bar! Help

I know for a fact this is in the wrong category so please tell me where should I put this.

Hey people so I accidently moved my command bar and I wanna know how can I put it back in place?

I did try looking for a solution online but apparently nobody made a mistake about it, only me.

I believe you move it with the 3 dots on the far left of it

It does move but it doesn’t lock back in its original space

you will have to hover it over where it originally was (either directly above the game window, or at the bottom of the game window) everything should move either up or down depending on which position you hold it over and where the bar will go should be highlighted


For some reason that isn’t showing on my screen, it doesn’t show a highlight nor it locks

(EDIT: Nevermind I fixed it all I had to do was move Explorer to the middle and the locking thing worked! Thank you for your help!)