I am 3D designer wanting to become a UGC

Hey guys!! I really wanna become a part of the UGC

This is the game with some of my 3D models. t h e o v e r s e e r h a t i s b r o k e n a t m j u s t i g n o r e i t.

anyways guys thanks for viewing my models. Roblox if you guys see this please consider making me a UGC thanks!

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It kicks me out of the game if i try to play can you please fix that

These models are pretty uh… ok. Obviously practice makes improvement. In due time you’ll be a great 3D modeler! You have great potential! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hm yea ill try idk why. It kicked me out once but when i tried again it worked ill look into it

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Tysm! I will practice every day till i become the best.
Your encouragement was all i needed :smiley: