I am a translator and offer my help

Hi, I’m Floryan.

I’ve been a translator for 1-2 months.
If you need a translator please don’t hesitate to contact me.
If you want more information I am available in DM or on discord.

I can translate for you in one language,

French - France.

For my rates,

I specify that I do my services for free because I am a beginner, (even if I am a beginner it does not mean that I do a bad job!)

Discord : Azkrix#4134

Yours sincerely,

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What language, and what are your rates? It would be good to give more context so people know what to expect.

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Good morning, SuddenHearingLoss.
I told you that if you want to know any more information I have my discord, otherwise I can tell you here.

Discord: Aorix#2055

Yours sincerely,

I know this, and I respect that. I was only mentioning because people might be turned away from the lack of beginning information. I want you to succeed, seeing the lack of language options in some games.

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Yes, but if I want to give my rates, everything depends because the size of the game, the group that works for the game.

At least give what language your translating, and maybe a base price per-word.

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Yes, sorry I didn’t see that I didn’t put the languages I was translating.

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