I am being told by Roblox Studio to contact customer service


Unfortunately I accidentally hit Control-W while editing in team create and I can no longer access the team create anymore.

I receive this error whenever I try to load the team create project:

I have tried restarting my computer several times. I can create a new project file and load other projects, but I cannot load the team create.

I am posting here because the message says to contact customer service.

What should I do?

Thank you!

If you hit Ctrl + W it closes whatever tab or application you are on. I get that error sometimes but usually after reopening my place, it fixes it. Don’t know why its not working for you though

Yes I know, but I mentioned it because it was the only thing I could seem to connect. I was working in Roblox Studio and I accidentally hit Control + W and I can no longer go on the team create. I used to use Mac and I am used to using Shift and W to adjust camera speed (and Shift was how to change tool modes on Mac but on Windows it is Control) so now I hit CTRL + W a lot unfortunately. Usually without such negative consequences LOL.

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