(I am clueless)How to earn premium payout is there any requirement?

  1. How do we earn premium payout?

  2. I am not able to earn premium payout even if premium suscribers play the game.Is there some kind of requirement other than the game being free?

  3. I am absolutely clueless at this point

Please help me

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Have you read the official announcement on premium payouts? I think it has all the information devs need.

Perhaps you aren’t receiving any robux because

You’ll receive Premium Payouts on a daily basis, 28 days after each measured day

Go to your game page/“Create” tab > Developer Stats > Premium. There you will see graphs regarding premium play time, scores, etc.



I have read it but still I dont get robux.

Premium payouts are not given after a couple short visits from premium users. You need to engage them so many premium users play your game for reasonable amounts of time. Try to add special perks for players with membership so you can attract them to your games. Don’t abuse though!

I have and they liked the game

Technically, the only “requirement”, or rather limitation would be that if your game is paid access, you aren’t eligable for premium payouts, as of now at least.

it isnt paid access but still I dont get robux

I’m pretty sure there’s no other requirements other than the game being free, you earn them depending on how long people with premium subscription play your game, I’m pretty sure the game could even be a Baseplate because I got some premium payouts playing a small baseplate game with my friends.

You can boost up earnings by supporting players to buy premium, such as making in-game boosts for premium players etc.

For more information visit these sites below:

Make sure they play for long enough, your payouts should show up after some few days.

When you’re in the Premium tab of Developer Stats, if you scroll down you will see a chart of the Premium visits