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About Me

Hey I am Supertestsubject, I have developed for around 3 years. Those three years have been slow and I am done with trying to make the new top game I just want get a team that finishes efficiently. That entire 3 years I have done project management and game planning (I have taken some courses and have learned under a lot of very skilled people over that time), for just under the past year i have been doing a lot of sound effects. I am looking for people who are similar to me and want to finish stuff. I can pay if you want but I would rather dedicated people who take percentage.

About The Job

I want to get a team together and talk about what type of game to make, but some sort of shooter sounds entertaining.
We are hiring
Scripter (at least 6 months of experience)
Builder (at least 1 year of experience)
Modeler (at least 3 months of experience)
GUI Designer (at least 2 months of experience)
Social Media Manager (at least 3 months of experience)
Composer (at least 3 months of experience)
Artist (idc)
I prefer you have more experience but I mainly just want hard workers
If you do something else feel free to still message me


Preferably percentage but if needed I can easily get commissions for robux and get 5k+ in a week easily. If you want USD I can pull some strings and get a fair amount.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via discord at: Supertestsubject#6557
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

PS: another reason i am doing this is that my fam need money and even though i am only 16 i want to help them

PPS: I am 100% alright with signing contracts as proof of me not scamming and giving you contacts to talk to to also prove i am not scamming

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