I am stuck between making two games

I want to make a game on ROBLOX. I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I always seem to get the job done.

I have made 2 games, and want to continue working on 1.


I have been working on that game for 2 years, and I absolutely adore the genre. I’m practically obsessed with that game, but I make such little money.


I like this game too, but I don’t enjoy working on it as much. This makes a crap ton of money though…


You have to make one that you enjoy, the entire point of developing games on Roblox is to enjoy it and have fun with it. Money is just an extra bonus. So if you really like Clay County then you should work on clay county.

A problem I have with that game is that it’s a bit more mature than the ROBLOX audience. Whenever I run ads, the players seem to join, walk around for a bit. Grab a car if they’re lucky and then leave because of boredom.

Well maybe you should add things to do in that game like have things your able to steal maybe or things like that. Or have street races. Just some ideas.

I have a robbable bank and stuff like that. Idk man. Thanks for the advice!

When they’re in the car, make a GUI that says “Go rob a bank!” or something. This might help with player boredom.

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I’m assuming Clay County is like Mano County. Many county games don’t really stand out from games like Adopt Me because they aren’t targeted for 7-9 year olds.

Most of the people that click those ads are in that age range and if you say “Be A Cop” they’ll think they can immediately be a cop without joining a group, but then even if you don’t have to join a group they won’t figure out how Team GUIs work so they’ll walk maybe 50 studs around the spawn and then stop walking and leave (I’ve saw at least 10 people do that).

If you sell gamepasses like SWAT for 300R$ and give handcuffs, pepper spray, taser and those items then you could make a lot of R$. My friend used to play a game like that and bought the SWAT Gamepass which was on sale for 120R$ and had those things and they enjoyed playing the game for like 7 hours that day, but sadly the next day it was deleted…

Anyways I would recommend Sponsoring, not advertising & selling a gamepass like FBI or SWAT with special weapons and cars.