I am trying to create a GUI which displays the player and his movement. How would I do this?

Hello developers! I am working on a GUI that will display the player and his movements. I have already researched the DevForum and checked all over the internet to find a solution, but it seems very few people have tried to do this. An example of my end goal of this GUI would be something similar to this:

  • something%20similar
  • My UI would have a bigger frame to hold it and it would show when the player stands still, and when he is walking again.

I know there is API endpoints, but I don’t want this to be a solid image. It is supposed to show things like player movement.

I have already tried using the ViewportFrame, but I can’t figure out how to get it to show the player. I think the solution is to use the ViewportFrame, but I am not experienced with it. I have been trying to create this for quite some time and any solution to this would be much appreciated.

People include movement and animations by updating the viewport every RenderStepped or Heartbeat (Run Service).


I already understand when the viewport will be changed. My question is when I update it, how will I display the player in the viewport frame?

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Clone the character, place it into the viewport and adjust the Viewport’s Camera.


Hmm… Seemingly easy! Thank you! I’ll try this and show you the results.

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An alternative method could be to clone the character once, but update all the BaseParts’ positions to the actual character’s BaseParts’ positions.