I built all this in a day what do you think?

I built all this in one day and it is for a game of a friend that they think I will spend more time on it is a stand style game “jojos”

what do you think? What can I improve?

link of game: Bizarre Crazy Towns (bug fixed spawn) - Roblox


My only problem with this is the lighting, I think you should pay attention to that a bit more. Good luck with your game :D.


wow, it looks so cool. i like the low poly

In my opinion, you should play around with the lighting such as turning down the blur effect or bloom. The design and buildings on the map it looks really nice, however the buildings seem a bit weird and out of place. You might want to look into changing the buildings around instead of copying and duplicating the same building onto each other I also recommend adding some vegetation throughout the map so it won’t just be trees placed all around that could fix the basic layout of the place.

But it might just be from the looks of it since the house looks quite unfinished. But other than that its a good looking map, however I would plan on adding more onto it so it could look a bit better in my opinion.

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It looks well made, here’s some things you can improve.

  • I’d suggest turning down the Blur effect, it seems very strong and with that you can’t really view the city itself.

  • You could play around with the design, rather than just copy and pasting everything. Can include placing different sorts of trees, or just playing around with the Texture/Color of a few things.

  • You can add some ‘grass straws’ and bushes around the map, to make it less empty rather than just having trees.

Else of that, I have nothing to judge! - Hoping the finished product turns out great!