I can "read" code but when it comes to me I don't know how to make code

Right, so I will explain what I am trying to talk about. I can ready code but when I try to make my own code I find it difficult and don’t know how to do it. I am sorry if this doesn’t make sense but I would appreciate some help to help me find techniques to practice coding.

So you know the syntax, but don’t know how to apply your knowledge?

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Maybe you could try not jumping into the deep end, and try to create some basic applications? Like when you click a button it prints something. It’s always a good starting point.

I understand what you mean. I do some off-site programming with JavaScript and Python and I do know the Lua syntax but it’s really hard to apply the knowledge into coherent code. I personally just try to read code written by others and try to understand Lua more and try to do any sort of programming with the help of tutorials and syntax cheat sheets.

Yeah exactly. I usually just copy from YouTube tutorials because I don’t know how to apply it

Well I have scripted things like that but when I try and get a certain result from something more advanced it usually doesn’t end well.

If you just copy from tutorials, you’ll never learn. You have to study the syntax, and make small applications with your knowledge.

With lots of practice.

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I did a little bit of python but what do you mean by “syntax cheat sheets” do you mean the Roblox API reference?

Oh okay I understand. Thank you.