I cannot figure out rigging in roblox

ive tried so many youtube videos and tutorials. ive had people show me multiple times and i dont understand how to make it work at all. i dont understand any of it and need help. i just want to rig some things to charecters and get soem viewmodels for fps animations.

try using the moon animator rig thingy where you make rigs?

How far have you gotten? Can you play back an animation on an existing rig yet? That’s the first step.

For setting up rigs, I started with RigEdit. I created an R15 rig from scratch to learn it.

By the time I was animating more than just R15, I was using blender.

ive tried that already. ive tried both it and reig edit lite. but that wouldnt affect it anywyas. they both do the same thing? right?

im not new to animation lol, i can use blender and play back on a rig. im simply trying to learn rigging now. rigging is my next step.

Haha, I was just checking!

Ok, then I suggest learning how to make R15 rigs from scratch, since that is well documented. RigEdit is good for that, and here’s a link to it.

(1) RigEdit Lite - Roblox

And one of many videos using it (though he did something weird in the middle of the video with a shoulder?)

Custom Characters - How To Create, Rig, and Animate! - YouTube

The basics:

  1. Motor6d can be animated, welds cannot.
  2. Moving a parent moves the children (parents set up through motor6d)
  3. you can also animate “bones” and these go in the HRP.

And that’s all I know! Eventually, I let blender/custom avatar importer do all this work for me. I don’t think you will spend a lot of time on this step, but it’s pretty critical for understanding rigs.

i cant move the middle part. the torso. i got it connect to the root part correctly but when moving the middle part nothing happens.

Update: i figured out what i did and it works! thank you for helping!

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That should open a few doors for you. After this comes custom rigs, and if you work in blender, skinned meshes. Give me a hollar if you get stuck again, and good luck!