I cannot move my mouse on a dev product purchase prompt, please help!

my game is in first person and when this prompt shows up for a donation board, i cannot move my mouse at all like i can on a shirt prompt, how can i fix this?

Either unlock the mouse when they click it, and lock it again when the prompt closes.
Or if you have GUI, you could set one in there to have
Model = true
and it will let the mouse move freely until it’s set back to false.

how would you unlock it when they click it?

Sorry for the late response, what are you using to prompt the player for the purchase?

I have this issue in my own game as well. I fixed it by having a fully transparent text button called modal under a utilities screen gui. (Make sure to disable reset on spawn) Before I prompt the purchase I call:

player.PlayerGui.Utilities.Modal.Visible = true

Then I connect to MarketplaceService.PromptPurchaseEnded like so:

MarketplaceService.PromptPurchaseFinished:Connect(function (player, assetID, isPurchased)
	player.PlayerGui.Utilities.Modal.Visible = false

Hope this helps you you implement a modal gui button like @MrLonely1221 mentioned. PlayerGui can be edited on client and server so this is by far the best solution, and you can use it again when you need to unlock the player’s mouse.

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