I cant build in Roblox studio

For some Reason it is not letting me build. I can place new part but I cant size or move them.

Did you select one of the 4 tools? Select, Move, Scale, or Rotate?

Yes I did try that the tool but it not showing the arrows to move.

Please consider using the search bar since this has been talked about over a few times already.

This seems like a known bug. Here is a existing thread regarding the “basic Roblox tools” this may be what your experiencing if your selecting the tools such as resize and move and nothing is happening it’s a bug , I’ll try keeping a eye on the existing thread and see if there is a solution to recover this sort of issue; overall there’s not much you can do about this issue since staff members are already aware of this.

I’m curious your experimenting this related issue:

Okay, Thanks for the tip in the bug/.