I can't figure out why I'm getting HttpError:ConnectFail

I’ve recently been trying to use a Custom Database where I run a post request (with a string that acts like a key.) and I get data through the response.

The system works fine in Studio. but when I run it in-game, it keeps giving me :

I even tried swapping out PostAsync with the RequestAsync method, once again it works in studio, but creates the error in the actual Roblox Game. does anyone know what the problem is?

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Are you able to provide code so we can overview it? I would hide any secrets if any.

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the problem is coming from the post requests. but I haven’t done anything strange with them.

local response = game:GetService("HttpService"):PostAsync("URL Here", "Key Here")

local HttpService = game:GetService("HttpService") local response = HttpService:RequestAsync( { Url = "URL Here", Method = "POST", Headers = { ["Content-Type"] = "plain/text" }, Body = "Key Here" } )

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but once again, the problem doesn’t seem to be the code. since it works fine in studio.