I can't get close to the builds I made from the blender

As I mentioned in the title, I transferred the builds I made from the blender to the studio, but I cannot approach some places. What is the reason?

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This may be an issue with hitboxes. I suggest you get this plugin and use the “Show Decomposition Geometry” tool.

It should look something like this and will give you an overview of the hitboxes/tris.

I also highly recommend to not make entire structures in Blender. Blender is useful for assets and certain aspects of the map.


Would it be the same problem if I build in a roblox studio and texture it in a blender?

Most likely, as you’re importing the build into blender it will convert into an .obj file, therefore classifying it as a MeshPart when imported back into Studio.



Enable PreciseConvexDecomposition in the CollisionFidelity property.