I can't get the .tex file when exporting a character from Roblox Studio!

Hey there,

I’ve been having a difficult issue importing .obj files from Roblox to Blender. Every time I click “Export Selection”, I am provided only a .mtl and a .obj file and no texture file.

I’ve attempted to reset my studio, reinstall it (I’ve done it 7 times), try a lot of other issues. This has been happening to me for many months and I can’t seem to find any other issues occurring that can be causing this. .Tex files used to work for me in early May but now, sadly, I have no luck in success.

Please, down below reply with any issues you might be having like this or any solutions you have to this problem.

Please help ASAP! Thanks.

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Never seen a .tex file ever with exporting avatars, I presume you’re talking about the .png file, which does contain “tex”

For example:

Normally this would be a studio bug that may be causing it, but if you are able to export the .mtl and .obj file properly, a .png copy should be included with it, what are you doing that is replicating the error?