I cant import my meshes into roblox

So its been few hours since i tried to import mesh into the studio but me and my friend cant import it to the studio because it gives out an error that says
Upload Mesh Part failed. Status Code: 500
Does anyone know why it happens?
the file size isnt big and i dont import anything bad


Could you send a video of you uploading the mesh and then maybe I can tell you.

Where are you importing it from? If its something like Blender I would suggest exporting your mesh(es) as a OBJ or FBX file. Can you upload screenshots or videos of your issue so its easier for people to help you?

It got fixed in a day or so later,ive seen a same issue on other thread where roblox in general had some importing issues,and its fixed by now^^ but thank you all for helping me out! i know i responded bit late,sorry for htat